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Isabella Conticello — Milan, Italy

“A publication is the carrier of a text, of a content, which becomes reachable only after having understood various superficial layers, such as graphic design, layout, and cover. Today the magazine is usually a fully-fledged mass-market product designed for a […]

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Lyn Ashi — Beirut, Lebanon

With so many magazines going digital, how and why do you think that printed publications might still survive? “There is always a love and appreciation for printed material. Holding a publication in your hand, with the smell of the paper […]

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Aurelio Sánchez — New York, USA

What makes a good publication design? “The format, the layout, the typography, the paper stock, the binding, the finishings, the content and the uniqueness of same. A good publication combines all these factors in an essential-information piece that you really […]

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Masha Fee — Brussels, Belgium

With so many publications going digital, how and why do you think that printed publications might still survive?“ We live in an era of well-developed print means, but the paradox is that the more developed printed material becomes, the more […]

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Underbau — Madrid, Spain

What makes for good publication design? “The conceptualisation. This abstract process is the most important aspect of what makes the difference between a great publication, and the rest. Good design is coherent with the content of the publication without bringing […]

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Zupagrafika — Poznań, Poland

“Good publication design will always be a subjective notion. What is considered good for some can seem bad for others. What we are trying to achieve is always a design that will go along with our personal taste, and most […]

#IdN World

Yap Weng Nam — Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“A good publication design should be able to provide a good reading experience, importantly telling the story of the author or the content in a suitable manner. Reception of the information should be the priority, followed by the visual expression.” […]

Sito di informazione e consigli di comunicazione creativa. Sito aggiornato costantemente su tutto ciò che succede nel mondo della comunicazione, dei media, del marketing e della tecnologia. Mette anche a disposizione approfondimenti, ricerche, analisi e case history, per comprendere al meglio le opportunità delle nuove tendenze e dei nuovi servizi.

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